Registration Information

How do I register?

There are two parts to registration.

1.  Register a school/library – This is only ever done once.
You do this if your school/library has never taken part in a Readers Cup Competition in previous years. Go to Register and follow the instructions. 
If you have just paid your Corporate membership, after your receive your password, please send an email to [email protected] to say you have just created a new school identity for Readers Cup and could they please mark you as a member in the Readers Cup database.  Wait for a response before entering your team to avoid receiving an invoice.
NOTE: Registering a school is not automatic. The registration needs to be approved before we send you a confirmation. (and it may take one or two days).  Please store your log in for future use.

2019 School Members ready to register for Readers Cup (Google docs)

Once your account has been approved, you need to Log in to enter a team.

2.  Enter a team – You do this each year for each team that needs to be entered. If you have ever entered a team in previous years
, even if you didn't take part, your school/library details will be in our database.
Go to the
Log In and follow the instructions. IMPORTANT for 2018 - We have updated our user account managment system. If you are a returning facilitator you will need to update your account before logging in. You can then enter your team for the current year.

Username/Password Help: Your username is your email address. If you have forgotten your password, follow retrieve password link and it will be sent to your email address.
If the email address for your Readers Cup contact person has changed follow the instructions for New Facilitator.

Process to enter a team:
  Log in and you will be asked to enter your team information including selected region and section. An invoice for $35 will be automatically generated and emailed to the registered contact person’s email address if you are not a corporate member of CBCA Qld. If you do not receive an invoice, then the registration process may have failed. Ask for help.
You can email
[email protected]
Corporate members should also receive a confirmation but not an invoice.

At the same time as you register your team, an email alert is sent to your regional coordinator so they can communicate with you about your regional finals and a copy of the invoice is emailed to the CBCA Qld Branch Treasurer and the Readers Cup Coordinator.

How do I register more than one team?

For regions thet allow more than one team per school, you can use the same logon to register more than one team. 
If you have more than one campus and wish to register a team in the Year 5/6 and another team in the Year 7/8 section, please register the school/library a second time to create a new Log-Inaccount for the second team BUT make sure you add e.g. Year 5/6  or Year 7/8 or 9/10 Or Junior School/Senior School in the School name section to create a unique login and help identify the team on your invoice.

NOTE: Registration should be completed by the end of Term1. Payment should be made within one month of receiving the invoice.

If you have any questions about registration or the Readers Cup, please use the
Enquiries and Feedback form