Books - 2019

Brisbane Bayside Year 5-6

Title by author

Brisbane Bayside 7-8

Brisbane Central 5-6

Ten Pound Pom - Carole Wilkinson    
Kensy and Max - Breaking News - Jacqueline Harvey
Help Around the House - Morris Gleitzman
His name Was Walter - Emily Rodda    
Turtle Trackers - Samantha Wheeler

Brisbane North 5-6

Brisbane North 7-8

Brisbane South 5-6

The Mulberry Tree - Allison Rushby
1854 Eureka Boys - Do you dare? by P Matthews
The Outcasts - Book1 Brotherband by John Flanagan
Sister Heart - Sally Morgan
Fox and Fine Feathers - Narelle Oliver

Brisbane South 7-8

Samantha Wheeler – Everything I’ve never said
Morris Gleitzman – Loyal Creatures
Jack Heath - The Truth App, #1 in a new series called Liars
Catherine Doyle – The Storm Keepers Island
Siobhan Curham – Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

Brisbane West 5-6

Brisbane West 7-8

Don’t Stop thinking about Tomorrow by Siobhan Curham
Loyal Creatures by Morris Gleitzman
Gap Year in ghost Town by Michael Pryor
The Mapmakers Race by Eirlys Hunter
The Storm Keepers Island by Catherine Doyle

Capricornia 5-6

Capricornia 7-8

Central Highlands 5-6

Darling Downs 5-6

Contemporary- Marsh and me by Martine Murray
Fantasy - Ottilie Colter and the Narroway Hunt by Rhiannon Williams
Historical - Sweet adversity by Sheryl Gwyther
Adventure/Mystery - Breaking news by Jaqueline Harvey
Adventure - The Explorer by Katherine Randell

Darling Downs 7-8

Adventure - The fail safe by Jack Heath
Dystopian - Whisper by Lynette Nori
Contemporary - Everything I have never said by Samantha Wheeler
Historical - Sweet adversity by Sheryl Gwyther
Royal ranger by John Flanagan

Far North Queensland 5-6

The list for this region will be supplied by the regional coordinators.

Liz Jorgensen     [email protected]

Annette Ryan      [email protected]

Far North Queensland 7-8

The list for this region will be supplied by the regional coordinator. Lyndell Sellars

Gold Coast 5-6

His Name was Walter – Emily Rodda
The Mulberry Tree  - Alison Rushby                                   
Ten Pound Pom – Carole Wilkinson and Liz Anelli                          
Help Around the House – Morris Gleitzman                                     
The Dog with Seven Names – Diane Wolfer

Gold Coast 7-8

Sweet Adversity – Sheryl Gwyther                                     
Rangers Apprentice: The Royal Ranger – John Flanagan 
Loyal Creatures – Morris Gleitzman                                                                
Elementals: Ice Wolves – Amie Kaufman                                        
The Fail Safe – Jack Heath  

Ipswich 5-6

Shop at Hoopers Bend – Emily Rodda
Help Around the House – Morris Glietzman
Dog with Seven Names – Diane Wolfer
The Mulberry Tree – Alison Rushby
Fearless Frederic – Felice Arena

Mackay 5-6

Mackay 7-8

The Last Chance Hotel by Nicki Thornton
The Mapmakers Race by Eirlys Hunter
The Best Medicine by Christine Hamill
The Goose Road by Rowena House
Black Sunday by Evan McHugh

North Queensland (Townsville) 5-6

North Queensland (Townsville) 7-8

Roma 5-6

South Burnett 5-6

Somerset Lockyer 5-6

The orchard underground - Mat Larkin
The grand genius summer of Henry Hoobler - Lisa Shanahan
Help around the house - Morris Gleitzmann
Sweet adversity - Sheryl Gwyther
The Dog with Seven Names - Diane Wolfer

Somerset Lockyer 7-8

Ottilie Colter and the  narroway hunt  - Rhiannon Williams
Ice wolves -  Amie Kaufman
Jane doe and the cradle of all worlds  - Jeremy Lachlan
Sweet adversity - Sheryl Gwyther
The Dog with Seven Names - Diane Wolfer

Sunshine Coast 5-6

The ANZAC Violin – Jennifer Beck -  Picture Book
Wombat Warriors - Samantha Wheeler – Animals
The Elephant - Peter Carnavas – Contemporary
Nevermoor - Jessica Townsend – Fantasy
Ruins of Gorlan - John Flanagan - Adventure

Sunshine Coast 7-8

Wide Bay (Bundaberg, Hervey Bay) 5-6

Wide Bay (Bundaberg, Hervey Bay) 7-8

Mr Bambuckles Remarkables by Tim Harris
One Photo by Ross Watkins (picture book)
Fearless Frederick by Felice Arena
The Fighting Stingrays by Simon Mitchell
Turtle Trackers by Samantha Wheeler

Wide Bay (Bundaberg, Hervey Bay) 9 -10